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This post is coming a bit late in the evening since I’ve been out and about, but I just had to write about today’s Teefury shirt, so here it is!

Hybrids” is one of the coolest concepts I’ve seen involving cars and it takes hybrid vehicles to a whole new level. Ste7en has done an amazing job depicting well-known automobiles like the Volkswagen Beetle and Ford Mustang in this colorful illustration. Wouldn’t it be neat if we saw these half vehicle, half animal hybrids in real life?

You only have until midnight tonight (Eastern Time) to pick up “Hybrids” at Teefury. It’s a sweet $9 deal if you ask me!

Do you like going to the zoo or simply love wild animals? If so, you may enjoy what Zooshirts has to offer. Zooshirts is a company that is dedicated to promoting animal and global conservation. They donate 10% of their sales to organizations that support wildlife, so you can feel good about helping out the earth in some way with your purchase. “Giraffe Tee” is one of my favorites. I love how the name of the animal is printed on the front while the actual animal is printed on the back.  Zooshirts also offers other animal tees including pandas, flamingos, and zebras. Head on over to Zooshirts today to pick up a giraffe tee or a shirt with your favorite zoo animal!

$18 at Zooshirts

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