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This Just In!: Muse Shirt from T-shirts.com

Posted on: August 16, 2012

I haven’t reviewed a t-shirt in an extremely long time, so I think it’s time to change that. Today I’ll be reviewing T-shirts.com and the shirt that I received.

With a generic site name like T-shirts.com, I figured that the shop would primarily house novelty tees. I was correct in that assumption. Because of this, I’d like to focus my review on the website more than the shirt that I received. It’s just not possible to generalize the shop by one shirt, since the shop offers many different designs printed on different blanks by different printers.

With that said, if you like novelty tees, then T-shirts.com is a great place to shop! They have everything from band shirts to movie shirts to sports shirts. They even carry a bunch of different animal shirts, some of which are even more ridiculous than the unforgettable “Three Wolf Moon” design.

And for those who aren’t big on novelty shirts like me, you’ll be happy to hear that there are some artsy designs to browse through in the “Artist Designed” category. These include pieces by artists like Walmazan, Tasha Chapman, and Terry Fan.

T-shirts.com softness gauge

What I find to be unique (and much needed for this kind of site) is the “Softness Gauge” located on each product page. It’s good to get a general idea of how your new t-shirts are going to feel before ordering. I don’t know what the standard t-shirt for comparison is, but Junk Food brand shirts are close to a rating of 5, which looks about right.

Tshirts.com packaging

I guess now’s the time for me to talk about the shirt that I received. First off, the bag it came in didn’t say T-shirts.com so I was very confused when I saw the package. I just found out that this is their sister company, so now it makes sense! Aside from that, the contents were neatly packaged in a clear, sealed plastic bag.

Tshirts.com packaging

The shirt I received is the Muse Exogenesis T-shirt and on it is the album cover for The Resistance. If you still don’t know who Muse are after the London Olympics, then you absolutely must look them up and listen to their music. Right now. I mean it.

T-shirts.com Muse shirt

The print itself doesn’t look that great up close, but the colors are nice and vivid from a distance. T-shirt.com’s product pictures are spot-on, though, so that wasn’t a surprise. You can feel the ink when you run your hands over the design, but it’s flexible and smooth. It’s not bad for a band shirt, but I’ve definitely been spoiled by soft ringspun American Apparel shirts and the like. The softness gauge on T-shirts.com said that it was almost a 4, but I’d peg it more as a 3 (it’s printed on Alstyle).

Muse shirt close-up

Overall, I like T-shirts.com for the sheer volume of novelty designs it offers. I haven’t actually shopped online for novelty tees though, so I’m not sure how it would compare to other sites. What I do know is that the shipping was very quick, and the representative whom I was in touch with is a total sweetheart (shout out to Ashly!).

Definitely go check out the shop and let me know what you think! Graphic tees run anywhere from $6.99 to $44.99, and the Muse Exogenesis shirt is $18.99.

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