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This Just In!: Mega Mistake from SplitReason

Posted on: March 11, 2011

I recently got a great new tee to review from SplitReason. If you’re a geek or gamer, then you most likely have heard of this brand. If you haven’t, then where have you been shopping? This site is perfect for you!

SplitReason, Mega Man, Rockman, CapcomThe shirt that I received is called “Mega Mistake,” and it is one of their older designs. I think it has gotten several reprints since it was first made available on the site. I was never good at playing Mega Man X on my Super Nintendo, but that didn’t stop me from loving the game so much.

SplitReason, Mega Man, Rockman, CapcomHere’s a look at the full tee. The print is rather small in comparison to what I’m used to wearing, but it’s still quite nice. The print feels good and the colors look great against the royal blue Alstyle shirt.

While the shirt is 100% cotton, it is not ringspun cotton. The SplitReason site says that it doesn’t feel like cardboard, and I agree that it doesn’t, but it’s still a bit scratchy. I guess I’ve just been spoiled by brands that print on ringspun cotton. These shirts are also kind of boxy, as they aren’t fashion fit tees. Some people prefer that, while others don’t. I’ll include myself in that “other” category, but only because small slim fit tees (from brands like American Apparel) fit well, while these boxier shirts do not.

SplitReason, Mega Man, Rockman, CapcomLooks like Mega Man got a little too frustrated playing his game. Whoops! I completely understand, though. If I were him, I would end up blasting through my TV after struggling with the game too.

Here are some closer shots at the design. The print looks superb!

SplitReason, Mega Man, Rockman, Capcom

SplitReason, Mega Man, Rockman, CapcomWhile I am not the biggest fan of the blanks SplitReason print on, I still love this “Mega Mistake” design. As a fan of Mega Man, this t-shirt is a perfect addition to my growing collection. And it could be yours too! Just head over to the SplitReason shop to pick up your own copy of “Mega Mistake” for $18.95. Don’t forget to use the coupon code “LOVINGTHISTEE10” to take 10% off your order.

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