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This Just In!: Candy Maniac from LabCandy

Posted on: February 24, 2011

It’s time for yet another t-shirt review! Today I’ll be reviewing a shirt from LabCandy, a brand that launched last summer. The tee that I received is a sweet design (you see what I did there?) by Greg Abbott called “Candy Maniac.”

LabCandy, Greg AbbottThe shirt came nicely folded in a sealed orange plastic bag, which I thought was cool. I’m not a fan of clear or translucent mailers, though. Something about the way that you can see what kind of shirt lies inside the packaging makes me nervous about the parcel’s journey through shipment facilities. Nonetheless, this LabCandy tee obviously made it to me just fine! The shirt came packaged with some extra goodies: a sealed tube of blue powder candy and LabCandy pin.

LabCandy, Greg Abbott, monsterHere’s a look at the full design. Greg Abbott sure is a pro at designing lovable monsters! This poor guy had so much fun enjoying his treats that he didn’t notice the lollipops and bubblegum sticking to him until it was too late. I just hope that he doesn’t stick that gum back into his mouth once he frees himself. That would be kind of gross…

LabCandy, Greg Abbott, monsterLet’s move on to the print job. The shirt looks great, and although it has a big print, the shirt doesn’t feel heavy at all. Here’s a more detailed shot of the design:

LabCandy, Greg AbbottAnother thing to note is that the shirt has a custom screen printed neck tag, stating the brand, size, shirt name, and washing instructions. I love how this label looks.

LabCandy, Greg AbbottSo there you have it. I love “Candy Maniac” from LabCandy! If you want to get your very own copy, it’s available for $20 and you can choose between the Guys or Girls version. The smalls are sold out in the Guys style, but the other sizes are in stock, so go pick up a copy! There are also two other designs in the shop, including a design by another fantastic illustrator, Derek Deal. Head over to the LabCandy shop today and check out what they have to offer!

1 Response to "This Just In!: Candy Maniac from LabCandy"

Woah! Have never seen this one! What a great print/piece of art!
Yes. Greg is quite amazing. Love his style.

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