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This Just In!: Lights, Camera, Animals! from laFraise

Posted on: February 12, 2011

If you can recall, I did a review of a laFraise tee a couple of months ago. Today I’ll be reviewing another laFraise design, “Lights Camera, Animals!

Let’s start off with the basics. The t-shirt came in a sealed, custom-printed plastic bag, along with washing instructions and a laFraise sticker. As you can see, the shirt inside also has a custom hang tag. You’ll definitely remember that you got this shirt from laFraise. There’s no question about that!

This shirt is a Girls XL, and in comparison to the men’s style, it’s slightly wider than the Guys Small. The sleeves are shorter, and the neck opening is larger. The shirt is also shorter, as women’s tees often are. It looks similar to American Apparel’s standard t-shirt, but the neckband is not as wide.

Lights, Cameras, Animals!” by Jebs is a design that shows basic animals as pop-culture animals. For example, a snail can be a “Classic Snail” or a “Clockwork Snail.” It also features examples from movies like Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings.

The print is nice an soft, and even in the black parts of the design, there are slight hints of red. This doesn’t come across so well in the picture, but it looks pretty neat up close!

The shirt also has a custom size tag, as well as a printed tag underneath that. It’s kind of difficult to see the writing because it’s printed with an ink that looks very similar to the shirt color, but if you don’t like neck tags and cut them off, you’ll still be able to tell where this tee came from!

Once again, laFraise leaves me happy and impressed. All of the men’s sizes for this specific design are out, but you can still purchase the women’s version of “Lights, Camera, Animals!” for €23 at laFraise! Be sure to check out all the other great designs while you’re on the site, too. There are lots of good ones!

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