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This Just In!: Genetic Coding from DoubleHelix

Posted on: January 9, 2011

genetic, double helixToday I’m going to be doing a review of a shirt that I got from doubleHelix. DoubleHelix is a science inspired clothing company based in San Francisco, CA. When I first heard of the brand I was immediately drawn in by the nerdiness of its art direction.

genetic coding, genes, double helixGenetic Coding” is one of the nine designs available in the men’s section of the shop. There’s also a women’s version of this design, but the genetic coding is in pink instead of green. I’ve always had a soft spot for cool designs involving barcodes. This t-shirt design definitely looks great, and I love how the bright green pops out against the black.

Here’s a close-up view of the design:

genetic coding, barcode, double helixThe shirts at doubleHelix fit similarly to American Apparel (at least the men’s tees, from what I’ve gathered), and in my opinion they’re even softer than AA. I absolutely love the feel of the shirt! The print also feels nice and neither rough nor thick. I would like the design even more if it didn’t say “genetic coding” underneath, but it’s subtle enough to not hurt the design. I think that with the branding, this text description is unnecessary. Other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing about the shirt or its presentation.

genetic coding, barcode, double helixThe shirt has a custom screen printed care tag, as well as a small print on the back below the collar with the brand name.

Genetic Coding” is available at doubleHelix for $24, and as I mentioned earlier in the post, there is also a women’s version.

1 Response to "This Just In!: Genetic Coding from DoubleHelix"

Great review! Just like you, I love the concept of this tshirt company and while I am affiliated with them (became a recent mutual partnership), I approached this company only because I fell in love with their brand: totally unique with smart designs. And yes, I do need to comment on the tshirt qualities: I agree that it’s just as soft as AA shirts and while I am picky with the feel of my shirts, doubleHelix’s shirts definitely fit the criteria.

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