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This Just In!: Spider Webs from Angry Spade

Posted on: January 7, 2011

Time to review another tee! A while back, I got a sweet package from Angry Spade. All their designs involve spades (makes sense, right?). I will be reviewing the army colorway of a design called “Spider Webs.”

Angry Spade, spider webThe shirt came in a clear sealed plastic bag, packaged with some stickers and a button. There was also a personal note inside with a coupon for all you fabulous readers. When you visit the Angry Spade shop, be sure to use the code “LOVINGTHISTEE” to take 15% off of any order (no expiry).

Angry Spade, spider web

Angry Spade, Spider webOnto the shirt! The shirt came with a custom hang tag, which I find to be extra professional. Unfortunately, I found the text to be hard to read. My advice (and this goes out to every company out there) is to make sure that the text is legible and won’t take more than a glance to recognize. Think of your custom hang tag as an extra reminder of where your product is from. You wouldn’t get a custom screen printed neck tag and have it be illegible, would you? Precisely. So overall, they’re on the right track by having a custom hang tag, but the tag content can be improved. Anyways, this review isn’t just about hang tags, so let’s move on!

Angry Spade, Spider webAngry Spade tees, including this one, are printed by Threadbird. I’ve been a fan of Threadbird for a while now, as all of the shirts that I have printed by this print shop (formerly a part of Storenvy) have looked and felt fantastic. The print is lightweight and non-chunky. Along with the center print, there’s also a small print on the right sleeve with the brand name and a spider. It’s a nice touch that complements the main design.

Here’s a close-up view of the main design in case you’re curious:

Angry Spade, spider webThe design has a vintage feel to it. I’m sure that several washes will enhance this effect. “Spider Webs” is printed on Tultex blanks, and although I have mixed feelings about that brand, this particular shirt feels good.

Spider Webs” is available in both army and red colorways for $14.99, and they come in both men’s and women’s sizes. I believe that the men’s sizes for this specific colorway are all gone, but you can always request a reprint. There are some women’s sizes left though, and the red colorway is stocked as well. Check out the Angry Spade shop to see the selection they have!

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