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This Just In!: Jeeves3000 from 604Republic

Posted on: December 22, 2010

It’s gearing up to be review season at Loving This Tee, or at least I’m going to try to make it review season, seeing has how I haven’t had time to write them in a while and I have plenty of shirts to talk about. So let’s start things off with a sweet t-shirt from 604Republic called “Jeeves3000.” If the artwork style looks familiar, then you may not be surprised to hear that it’s by Alex Solis (alexmdc). Can I just say that he’s a fantastic illustrator? Because he is.

604 Republic, robot, Alex Solis, alexmdcLet me give you the lowdown on 604Republic. It’s a Canadian company started by a former co-founder of Split Reason, a popular t-shirt shop for geeks and gamers. When it launched in September, 604Republic’s mission was to be the best and biggest place to buy art hoodies. Things have changed in the past few months, as 604Republic is now a place for geeks and is focusing on pop culture from here on out.

604Republic, robot, Alex Solis, alexmdcJeeves3000” is one of the shirts from the very first 604Republic release, so that’s why it’s not more pop based. It’s actually my favorite design out of all the ones available right now, which makes it quite a treat for me to review!

604Republic prints their designs on Alstyle blanks. These aren’t slim fitting like the basic American Apparel t-shirt but more boxy. The site also advertises the shirts as being “super soft,” but it’s definitely thicker and rougher than other ringspun shirts that I own. By no means will it scratch your skin off though, so don’t be silly!

604Republic, robot, Alex Solis, alexmdcThe print came out beautifully, with the orange and yellow tones looking very vivid against the heather grey background. The ink is not too noticeable in terms of feel, and the print came out of the washer and dryer looking just as great as when it entered. Here’s another close-up picture:

604Republic, robot, Alex Solis, alexmdcSo while the shirt isn’t as soft as American Apparel, everything else about it is wonderful. Plus, how can you say no to such a quirky design? You can get your very own copy of “Jeeves3000” for $18.95 at 604Republic. There’s a hoodie version available, too! Be sure to use the coupon code “LOVINGTHISTEE2010” to save 15% on your order.

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