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This Just In!: Skullhead tees by Huck Gee

Posted on: November 16, 2010

Huck Gee, skullheadNot too long ago, I received a special package from Huck Gee, an amazing designer and customizer in the art toy world. Huck has worked a great deal with Kidrobot and is one of my favorite toy designers of all time, so I was very excited to see all these goodies. I had won one of his online contests and was only expecting one t-shirt, but Huck surprised me with not one, not even two, but five awesome t-shirts from his shop. Not only were there t-shirts, but there were also some Skullhead decals and Art Hustle trading cards. Needless to say, my jaw dropped and I had to take a moment to calm down and pull myself together.

So in this edition of This Just In!, I’m going to be reviewing two of the t-shirts from this package. If you have heard of Huck Gee, then you probably know that he’s quite famous for his Skullhead character. On this character’s forehead is the kanji for “death.” What a charming guy, no?

Huck Gee, Skullhead

Huck Gee, moshpopI was rather curious as to what type of blanks Huck would choose for his shirts, and to my surprise, these shirts are all printed on American Apparel. All you toy collectors out there won’t have to worry about scratchy shirts when you purchase from Huck Gee’s online shop. No siree! There’s also a custom tag for Moshpop Manufactory, Huck’s clothing line (I’m not sure if this exists anymore, though).

Huck Gee, skullheadAlong with getting the regular version of the Skullhead design, there’s also another version printed in black ink. As you can see, the design is quite difficult to see under certain lighting conditions. It’s a lot more visible in the sunlight and up close. This is the first shirt I have where the design is printed black on black. I actually really love how it came out.

Skullhead, Huck GeeSometimes, I would go through my closet and wonder why I had a blank black AA shirt, while at other times I would be able to see the Skullhead very clearly. It’s very interesting how that works, and I have to say that it’s fun to have a t-shirt design that plays with your mind like that. It seems like a trick that Skullhead would pull.

The print job is great, and the ink is in great shape even after several washes. I haven’t seen any signs of cracking or fading, so two thumbs up on that front!

Even if you aren’t a fan of designer toys, I’d recommend you check out Huck Gee’s website, and ultimately his portfolio. He’s an incredible artist and you won’t regret checking out his artwork. You can purchase his t-shirts for $29 at the official Huck Gee shop. They’re available in both men’s and women’s cuts.

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We’ve done that at work where we printed black flames along the bottom of a black baseball jersey. After curing the flames still look wet against the matte finish of the poly jersey, super cool. Plus that black will show up more after about 5325235 washes to where the shirt is grey.

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