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This Just In!: The Big Bang Theory from laFraise

Posted on: October 15, 2010

A few weeks ago, I received a sweet package from laFraise, a European design competition site. I have been a long time fan of laFraise, so it’s quite a treat to get to review one of their t-shirts today! The t-shirt that I will be reviewing is called “The Big Bang Theory” by GUS.

When I took the contents out of the envelope, I was greeted with a t-shirt sealed in a custom plastic bag (the brand can be seen in the bottom left-hand corner), a laFraise sticker, and care instructions. There are no care instructions inside the shirt, so the little card was a nice touch. I didn’t actually look at it, but I suppose that if you don’t own that many t-shirts, then it’s good to have. As you can see, the shirt also came with a laFraise hang tag, which only added on to the strong branding of the product.

laFraise, GUS, space

The Big Bang Theory” is a fantastic design that reminds me of the carefree nature of being a kid. The young Eye of Providence doesn’t really care for the ball of paper resembling Earth and tosses it aside, while keeping his focus on the silly scenario that he’s doodling. I guess the universe really started out with a bunch of pieces of crumpled paper. How very scientific!

The shirt features a custom tag, along with a screen printed tag on the inside. It’s kind of difficult to see because it’s black on black, but all that it says is laFraise and who designed the t-shirt.

space, laFraise, GUSThe print looks great and feels great both before and after being washed and dried. The colors remain vivid, and the print is nice and smooth. laFraise prints on custom t-shirts, so the sizing is a bit different from the common brands out there. While the length of the shirt is comparable to that of American Apparel, it is even slimmer (at least for guys small). So if you don’t like for your shirts to be tight on you, you may want to size up. Other than the size discrepancy, this laFraise tee is awesome!

I want to thank Nathalie and the fine folks at laFraise for giving me the opportunity to review “The Big Bang Theory” by GUS. If you’d like to pick up your very own copy, head over to laFraise today! It’s available for € 23 and comes in both guys and girls cuts.

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