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Tshirt Laundry Free T-shirt Giveaway!

Posted on: September 15, 2010

So it has been a while since I’ve hosted a t-shirt contest at Loving This Tee, huh? Well I’m back with a new one for the next few weeks for all you funny t-shirt fans out there! Tshirt Laundry is one of the newer websites out there that carries funny t-shirts. If that happens to be one of your favorite tee genres besides artsy designs, then Tshirt Laundry is right up your alley!

TShirt Laundry was kind enough to offer Loving This Tee not one… not two… not even three… but FIVE $25 gift vouchers to give away! That’s right, five lucky Loving This Tee readers will get cash moneys to spend at the Tshirt Laundry shop.

So how do you enter? It’s simple!

1. Head over to the Tshirt Laundry shop.
2. Come back to the comments of this post and link to your favorite design and tell me why you like it.

Now that doesn’t sound too difficult, does it?

This contest is open to everyone, and there is a limit of one entry per person. You have from now until 11:59pm Pacific Time on Friday, October 1 to enter. I’ll be doing a random draw shortly after and will announce the voucher winners on the following Monday.

Good luck!

35 Responses to "Tshirt Laundry Free T-shirt Giveaway!"

DEFINITELY this one: http://www.tshirtlaundry.com/Double_Rainbow_p/doublerainbow8-31-2010.htm

One of my best friends and I have a huge inside joke regarding it and she’d pee her pants laughing. =)


I lovvveeee The Hangover!


I joke around with my friends a lot with the whole wolf pack thing and this just would be perfect. So this made my day! haha

[…] friends over at Loving this Tee are hosting a giveaway for 5 $25 Tshirt Laundry gift […]

My favorite shirt @ Tshirt Laundry is “Curiosity Killed The Cat”. i have 5 cats….. and their curiosity is very dangerous.


Olive you
simply because the shirt says iloveyou, and it was from a music video on youtube(:

i think that’s a cute one!

Duh, I like http://www.tshirtlaundry.com/Cool_Kids_Read_Comics_p/coolkids7-13-2010.htm.

Why? Cuz Ima cool kid. And I read comics. HELLZ YEAH!

I like how the guy modeling the shirt looks like the guy in the design

I loved this because it was really clever! I love how the alien’s tractor beam is pulling them all up LOL


An actual original shirt. Hard to find nowadays and it’s actually funny! Retro all the way!


I like puns.

This pun is a pun full of good, and probably made of right.


This, me and my brother always joke about that clip in the Office, especially Jim’s ‘Quaddesk’ retort.

Being American but leaving in Europe, I get constantly asked “What’s so great about your country” but also “What’s wrong with your country?”. With this Tshirt, I could just point at it – and all questioned are answered. Thanks



This is so ridiculous. I would normally never wear anything like this but it somehow caught me by surprise. I love it.

i’m going to an inappropriate t-shirt party. this one’s pretty good


That’s a good one for an inappropriate tee party!

No questions about it: http://www.tshirtlaundry.com/Companion_Cube_p/companioncube7-14-2010.htm

I’m a huge nerd for portal and if i win i’ll wear this on my birthday (october 27th) while getting my portal tattoo!


pure genius! who doesn’t need a recurring mental note of how hilarious the series of old spice commercials are?! this shirt’s a reminder of how creativity can refresh a product line in one clever ad! and how can anyone not want to wear “a man your man could smell like” on a shirt?!

Have you seen the Swan Dive one too?


I love those Old Spice commercials. Pretty bummed the changed the guy


It’s just so… cute? I think a little part of me is evil for liking it so much, but I really didn’t make the connection until the second time I saw it.. still cute.

Close runner ups:
Because Chuck has been singing this song a lot lately,
because I misread it and was like- SKOLITHOS!!?? on a T-shirt!?

Yeah, I didn’t realize either because I thought it was cute but then I had a eureka moment and felt bad for thinking it was cute, haha.

And skolithos on a shirt. Make that happen!

This is what I like:

So everyone will think my shirt just wasn’t finished in time!

Great shirt, wish I had thought of something like this. Probably a lot of similar ideas will follow from this (if this wasn’t taken from something similar)


I just starting following loving this tee on twitter, and so far I love what you do and what you post. Great idea, keep it up

That’s a good one!

And thank you so much for the kind words, Phil! It’s my pleasure to share my t-shirt finds with the world 🙂

so many great designs to pick from!… my vote is going to:

I like the humor and the style of this tee.

I really like:
because I am a big fan of Scott Pilgrim and I find it to be one of the more interesting graphics. I usually prefer shirts without text.

The contest is now closed. Thanks to all who entered! I shall be announcing the winner on Monday 🙂

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