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This Just In!: Poor Tin Soldier from ParrotGhost

Posted on: September 7, 2010

I’m happy to say that I have some sweet new products to review over the next few weeks. The first product I will be reviewing is a shirt from ParrotGhost, a company based in Scotland.

I honestly wasn’t sure of what to expect from this company, but to my surprise, the packaging was very professional! Everything had a nice ParrotGhost touch, and all of the package contents were branded with the ParrotGhost logo, including the little Lego man.

The shirt that I received is called “Poor Tin Soldier,” and it is probably my favorite design from the ParrotGhost shop. I haven’t quite figured out what’s happening in the design, but from what I’ve gathered is that this poor robot has been shot and is leaking a golden substance. I’m going to pretend that his blood is beer, just because that makes the design that much more amusing.

“Poor Tin Soldier” came with a custom hangtag and a custom screen printed tag. There’s also a little branded tag on the bottom of the shirt, as well. ParrotGhost is definitely doing it right when it comes to branding!

The design is printed on a navy Continental EarthPositive t-shirt (100% organic cotton). The t-shirt is soft, similar to the feel of an American Apparel blank. The ink is also rather weightless and pretty much unnoticeable. I approve!

Here are some close-ups of the design (you can click them for a closer look). The registration may look a bit off in the second image, but you honestly can’t tell unless you’re staring at the print up close. It doesn’t affect the overall look of the design at all.

I most definitely enjoyed the unboxing of this product. Big thanks to Keir of ParrotGhost for hooking me up with a fun t-shirt!

If you like what you see, then you can pick up your copy of “Poor Tin Soldier” from ParrotGhost for £25.

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