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This Just In!: Power Trio by Poli Graphic Design

Posted on: May 27, 2010

It’s been a while since my last product review, but this is the first of several that are going to be posted within the next few weeks. Today’s post is about a tee from Poli Graphic Design called “Power Trio.” If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s another sweet design by againstbound. His style is so unique and distinct, something that I love.

I haven’t seen too many yellow shirts on the market, so this was a real treat. Printed on a lemon American Apparel tee, this seven-color illustration came out beautifully!

With so many details in the design, I was hesitant about the quality of the print when I had just seen the shirt online. However, my worries were dispelled after getting a hold of an actual tee (Thanks, Ronald and Herschelle!). I learned it printed perfectly!

(Note: The rest of the images can be enlarged with a click)

The product page says that the shirt was printed with plastisol ink containing additives for softness. As advertised, the print is soft and the ink is very light and flexible. You can feel some roughness to the ink if you rub your hand on the print area, but when you’re wearing the shirt, it’s not too noticeable. The colors also remained vivid after wash. The lighting conditions in my living room definitely do not do this design justice.

Since it’s so colorful and fun, this is a perfect t-shirt for the summertime. I highly recommend this shirt and give it two thumbs up! You can purchase “Power Trio” at Poli Graphic Design for $18. As a side note, they even sell this design printed on an iPhone case!

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