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Tag Team Geometry

Posted on: April 6, 2010

Do you like designs that get you thinking? I surely do! “Tag Team Geometry” by Inner-Monster is the current Tilteed Limited tee, and it makes me wonder all kinds of things. Who are these guys? Where did they come from? Why are they here? The list goes on and on. Inner-Monster tells us that they’re a crime-fighting pair from another dimension, but I think that this piece is open to interpretation. Who do you think they are and why do you think they’re here?

Here’s a close-up view of the design:

Actually, let’s make this a contest! Comment on this post telling me who you think these two characters are AND what they’re up to. I’ll pick one random commenter tomorrow night (April 7, 2010) at 10:00pm Eastern Time to win a free copy of “Tag Team Geometry”!

If you’re not into the whole taking chances thing, then just head over to Tilteed to pick it up for $12. Don’t forget to save $2 by using the code “LovingThisTee” at checkout!


UPDATE: I have called upon the powers of the Random Number Generator, and the winner is………………

Chelsea, with the following interpretation:

“Well, see, mrs. pacman got a little on the side from stickman (multiple times, apparently). These are her children, on a search for their real father through arcade land.”

Congratulations, Chelsea! I’ll be e-mailing you shortly with info on how to claim your prize.

To the rest of the participants, thank you all for entering! I had fun seeing all your interpretations. Always keep an eye out for new posts at Loving This Tee. You never know when there will be a new contest!

If you like this tee, definitely make sure to go pick it up at Tilteed before it disappears tomorrow afternoon!

14 Responses to "Tag Team Geometry"

I’m pretty sure this is how Tron characters view the world.

When I first looked at the tee, the first thing that popped into my head was “mother and child.” To me it looks like…they are walking away from some sort of conflict or trouble in their past, and walking towards a brighter future. Deep, I know.

Anatomy dummies who dream of researching calculus?

the thumb print and then the people pointing and stuff bring thoughts of how we are all unique, we all see the world in different ways and the more we learn the more we want to know. (which brings in my mind the smaller figure pointing up probably asking a question)

They are incomplete beings hoping someone will connect their dots – the smaller one looks like he/she is about to put out a chalkboard SOS.

Aliens trying to communicate to us how to get to their planet.

Dumbledore and Harry Potter after getting scorched by Voldemort.

Well, see, mrs. pacman got a little on the side from stickman (multiple times, apparently). These are her children, on a search for their real father through arcade land.

they just be two normal guys, lookin’ for some pants. probably jeans, to cover up those gene-looking legs. and i think the short guy has a question, as his hand is raised. maybe like “where we gonna find us some jeans?”

They are Arnold Schwarz and Danny De vito for sure ;P

The short one is doing the Black Power salute after winning the bronze medal in the doodling event of the 3028 Winter Olympics. The future is weird like that.

It’s Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc.

They’re Manute Bol and Mugsy Bogues. Old players on the Washington Bullets. They’re even rocking the Bullet’s colors.

See for yourself:


Mario and Luigi getting ready to beat up Bowser 🙂

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