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This Just In!: Worn By Tees

Posted on: March 17, 2010

I meant to throw up this review much sooner, but then my computer did all sorts of funky things and I ended up losing documents and many pictures that I thought I had properly backed up. I apologize in advance for only having detailed pictures of only two of the tees. The print quality of the shirt missing from the review is the same as one of the included ones, though. That’ll teach me not to have multiple folders for tee stuff… Now on with the review!

This package came to me from a company based in London by the name of Worn By. They sell tees with designs that have been worn by famous icons in music, movies, and sports. I received three tees, but as stated earlier, I will only be able to show you two of them in detail. The tees all came packaged in their own sealed plastic bags, and they each had tags showing the significance of the design pinned to them. There were also two lookbooks included.

One of the shirts that I received is called “3 Days of Peace.” On this shirt is the famous Woodstock 1969 image. I loved the colors of the original Woodstock poster to begin with, so this tee is looking very nice! The shirt is insanely soft, and it is one of the softest tees that I have felt. The fabric is light and stretchy, and I give it two thumbs up. If you like tees on which you cannot feel any trace of ink, then this is the perfect shirt for you! I can’t get over how soft this shirt is, and I love that the print doesn’t take away from that at all. The colors also remain beautiful after wash. The tee that I do not have pictures for is called “Anchor” and feels just like this one. You can’t tell that there’s a design on it at all based on touch alone.

Here are some closer looks at “3 Days of Peace.” You can click on the images to enlarge them a bit.

The second tee that I will review is called “Manilla Gorilla” and it is a recreation of a design worn by the famous Muhammad Ali. I was sent the brown colorway, but there are six other ones that you can choose from!

Unlike “3 Days of Peace” and “Anchor,” you can definitely feel the presence of ink on “Manilla Gorilla.” It’s not that thick at all but it’s still noticeable. If you look closely, you can also see that when the shirt dried in the dryer, it left some light wrinkles in the print. Since the ink isn’t very heavy, the shirt ends up looking fine when you wear it and there aren’t any extreme protrusions or anything like that.

Here are some detailed pictures of “Manilla Gorilla”:

All three tees have custom tags that were sewn in. They’re not itchy, in case you were wondering!

As you can see in the tag, Worn By sent me XS shirts. After washing them, their widths were comparable to a size Small in American Apparel. If you check out the size chart on their page, you can see that the shirts are loose fitting. So if you like more slim-fitting tees, then I would suggest going a size down. However, don’t forget to look at the lengths too. These XS tees are shorter than AA tees, but that worked out for me because I don’t have that long of a torso.

I also noticed that the shirts are a bit different from one another. While “3 Days of Peace” fits more like an AA shirt width-wise, “Manilla Gorilla” is a bit looser. In comparison to these two, “Anchor” fits like “3 Days of Peace.” I suppose that this is similar to any brand of t-shirt where different color tees end up shrinking differently. It’s not too drastic of a difference once you wear them, but I thought that I should point that out.

These tees are on the pricey side, but that is what I’ve come to expect from UK-based brands.  You can purchase these tees for $40 at Worn By. There are tons of designs to choose from and so many different colorways, so go check them out!


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Hi Am interested in your three Islewight festival t shirts Dylan, Gorrila, Drummer,but only wear black is it possible to purchase these in black, Many thanks Bob

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