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Lowdtown Clearance Event

Posted on: March 5, 2010

I was very sad when I heard that Lowdtown was closing its doors for a few months. I have been a fan since it first launched and the new line only increased my love for Lowdtown. Unfortunately, the company ran into some legal problems and is now pretty much forced to clear out all of its items and close shop in the next month or so. Because of this, Lowdtown has marked down all of its items, and products are 50%-70% off. That means you can pick up t-shirts for only $6 and crewnecks for only $12! There’s no better deal than that out there for amazing goods like these, so act fast before your size runs out!

While this is very unhappy news, there is definitely promise for the future. Ray plans to relaunch Lowdtown later this year and I get a feeling that we should prepare for our minds to be blown. I will miss you while you go into hibernation, Lowdtown, but I know that the comeback will be bigger and better than I could ever imagine.

Head over to Lowdtown right now to get some awesome clearance items! If you want to read about what happened, check out the Lowdtown blog.

3 Responses to "Lowdtown Clearance Event"

It is sad that they’re shutting their doors for a bit but the clearance deals coming out of are a nice Band-aid!

sucks – alot of people are helpin out.

those are two different statements 😀

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