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So every time that a rabbit’s speed is compared to a turtle’s, the comparison is made on land. Obviously, rabbits are faster than turtles if they’re both moving at their top speeds on terrain. But what if we take this race to the water? ChildMirror shows us just how much bunnies struggle with swimming in the latest Tilteed Limited tee! “Race” is a hilarious piece depicting a race where a lone turtle is almost to the finish line and not breaking a sweat, while a trail of of bunnies attempts to catch up. That will teach these fuzzy creatures to stop bragging about their agility!

More detailed pictures:

This design will slightly wrap around the tee, a first for Tilteed prints. You can purchase “Race” for $12 until Monday at noon Pacific Time before a new shirt goes up. Don’t forget to use the coupon “LovingThisTee” to take $2 off. But wait, that’s not all! if you’re planning on purchasing two or more tees, use the code “FEB50” to take $4 off each shirt*. That’s $8 a shirt if you’re buying two copies of the Tilteed Limited t-shirt!

(* code good through February)

Last week, I received a sweet little package from Rick at OMUNKY. Its contents? The latest OMUNKY design, “Tiger Turmoil” plus some stickers! Needless to say, I was ecstatic to start off the Year of the Tiger with a hilarious tiger tee. I may have already said it in some earlier post, but let me reiterate that I’m a huge fan of wild cats. Huge fan!

I haven’t gotten the chance to wear this shirt out and about yet, but I already got some compliments when I first took it out of the package. I did, however, wash it and now it is ready to be reviewed here at Loving This Tee. Read the rest of this entry »

Do you recall drawing the “S” thing back in your younger years? I just remember drawing them non-stop back in middle school. Big ones, little ones, backwards ones, 3-D ones, you name it! Did I know what I was doodling? Nope! I just thought that it looked cool.

Sometime last week, I joined a Facebook fan page dedicated to this “S” thing (if you want to be a fan, it’s called That “S” thing we all drew in elementary school). Little did I know that there would be a t-shirt with this blast from the past. The S Thing site just launched, and you can purchase this tee for only $10! I love that it includes other little doodles along with these “S” things.

Head on over to The S Thing to pick up your copy of the tee today! These shirts are printed on Tultex and will only be available for a limited time. I think that I’ll have to snatch one up. It makes me miss my childhood!

In this edition of This Just In!, I’m going to be reviewing a tee I received from ARKA Clothing. As you can see, the shirt came nicely packaged and I got a bunch of stickers and business cards in a custom envelope to go along with it (envelope not shown). ARKA Clothing tees are unique in that all the inks they print with are non-toxic and formaldehyde-free.

Abstraction” features a maze-like illustration and it just so happens to be my favorite design in their current line. I believe that this is the only V-neck tee that they have in the shop. I like the placement of the illustration because it extends all the way up to the neckline. The design also has an aged look to it, with some lines looking like they have been worn away. Overall, I dig this design. It’s not my usual taste, but I can appreciate a nice simplistic piece every now and then. Read the rest of this entry »

Let me first start off by saying that I LOVE POKEMON!! ($10 SALES, TOO!)

“Endless Forms Most Battleful” by Santiago Sanchez and Sam McNally is one of the newest tees to drop today at Threadless. I am so happy to see that this design has finally printed. Throwing Charles Darwin into the mix is just pure genius! Without the theory of evolution, who knows what the Pokemon video games would have been like? Would Charmander just stay Charmander forever? Would cute little Vulpix never turn into beautiful Ninetails? Would Voltorb never have his color combination reversed? Thank you, Darwin, for making evolution possible for these guys. If it hadn’t been for you, I doubt that Pokemon would have been so fun.

On another note, Threadless is also having a sweet little $10 sale on its older tees. There are tons of designs to choose from, so if you have been waiting to pick up some old designs, now is your chance. The sale will only last for 3 days (until Wednesday), so don’t delay!

Head on over to Threadless to check out the other newly released tees and to pick up some $10 t-shirts!

Now I’m not going to lie and say that I’ve gotten a Teefury grab bag before because I haven’t. Truth is, I’ve had horrible luck with mystery tees and much prefer seeing what I’m buying. However, every time there are $5 grab bag tees at Teefury, I’m still tempted to live a little and go for it. Perhaps I will this time!

The grab bag will include designs that printed at Teefury after the last $5 deal on November 30, 2009. Check out this link to see the potential shirts: clicky clicky.

This deal will only last 24 hours, so be sure to pick up some $5 tees at Teefury today if you’re as fascinated by the mystery as I am!

Does music make you happy? Do you like tees that send out peaceful vibes? Are you a sucker for anything acoustic?  Do you simply enjoy unicorns or any mention of the word “unicorn”? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then check out the latest Tilteed Limited tee! Illustrated by Oatmeal, “This Song is About a Unicorn” is a beautiful tee that I simply cannot stop adoring. I wish that I were in this man’s presence now. I bet that he makes sweet, sweet music.

This Song is About a Unicorn” will be up for sale at Tilteed for only 72 hours, so pick it up before it’s gone forever! It’s $12 and you can take $2 off with the code LovingThisTee. While you’re there, you can also check out the little interview I did with Oatmeal. I hope that you think that this is a beauty as much as I do!

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