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The Advice Tee

Posted on: February 24, 2010

Do you like Wotto? If you do, then my advice to you is to go check out the newest Tilteed tee! This fun piece is titled “The Advice Tee” and it is this month’s contest winner. Why is it called “The Advice Tee,” you ask? Just take a closer look at this design and you will see a bunch of little pieces of advice that you’ve probably heard multiple times over the years. As with many of Wotto’s other works, this design features his signature doodling style. I especially love this illustration because it’s quite colorful. I really enjoy the addition of colored shapes in the background, and the color combination makes this a t-shirt that I can see myself wearing all the time.

Detailed image :

You can pick up Wotto’s “The Advice Tee” at Tilteed for $12 (it’ll go up to $18 after the pre-order period), and save $2 by using the code “LovingThisTee” during checkout. And if you’re planning on purchasing two or more tees during your visit, you can use the code “FEB50” to take $4 off each shirt*.

(* code good through February)

1 Response to "The Advice Tee"

I adore that “love” is mixed in there – good advice! Cute idea for a shirt for sure.

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