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This Just In!: Abstraction by ARKA Clothing

Posted on: February 18, 2010

In this edition of This Just In!, I’m going to be reviewing a tee I received from ARKA Clothing. As you can see, the shirt came nicely packaged and I got a bunch of stickers and business cards in a custom envelope to go along with it (envelope not shown). ARKA Clothing tees are unique in that all the inks they print with are non-toxic and formaldehyde-free.

Abstraction” features a maze-like illustration and it just so happens to be my favorite design in their current line. I believe that this is the only V-neck tee that they have in the shop. I like the placement of the illustration because it extends all the way up to the neckline. The design also has an aged look to it, with some lines looking like they have been worn away. Overall, I dig this design. It’s not my usual taste, but I can appreciate a nice simplistic piece every now and then.

The inside tag is custom screen printed. There’s also a care tag found on the inside of the shirt, closer to the bottom of the tee.

Here are some closer looks at the design. You can click on them to see larger versions. I really like how the lines aren’t solid and that there are many little breaks here and there. It definitely gives the design a nice edge to it. The ink is so soft and you can barely feel it on the shirt. This is what I love the most about “Abstraction.” When I rub my hand over the design, all that I notice is the texture of the cotton shirt. The fabric is also very soft, and I can’t get enough of how awesome the shirt feels!

There is one thing that I am not too thrilled about, though. All of the shirt’s openings have been given destroyed detailing. Maybe this caters to those who enjoy purchasing already ripped jeans and shirts. Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes purchase these items in the summertime. However, based on looking at the website descriptions and pictures alone, I was completely unaware that the shirt would have little nicks on the sleeves, neckline, and along the bottom.  I have no idea if the other tees in their catalog also have these little features along their edges. I think that it would be good if ARKA makes this clear for their customers, so that there are no future mix-ups or disappointments. Other than this issue, I don’t have any other problems with the shirt. Like I said earlier, it feels incredible!

You can purchase “Abstraction” at ARKA Clothing for $34.99.

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