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I absolutely love the feeling of checking a daily tee site and being blown away by the artwork. It’s a rare occurrence, but it’s something that I look forward to every morning. After quite a few pop culture designs, it’s definitely a nice change of pace to see “Time To Hide.” by Aphte at Teefury.

This piece is very detailed and I love all of the little characters hiding in the darkness. I would have liked to see more color in this design, like in the other works I’ve seen by Aphte. However, because it’s nighttime in this quirky world, I’ll let that slide. I’ll most likely be picking up “Time To Hide.” at Teefury before the clock strikes midnight. This beautiful design is definitely worth the $9!

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Beep Boop Beep Beep! Ah, it’s almost as if I were one with the robots. Now all that I have to do is to replace all my organs and muscles with metal and circuits. Hmm… Maybe it doesn’t sound like an ideal transformation, after all…

I’m really feeling this one year anniversary tee over at Robot Royalty! I usually think that gold foil on tees is super tacky, but I’m loving how this robot looks with just a golden outline. This little guy looks like he just needs some friends. Can anyone honestly say no after looking into those big robot eyes of his? I certainly cannot!

You can pick up the One Year Anniversary Edition shirt at Robot Royalty for $20. All larges are sold out, but other sizes are still in stock! Also, use the coupon code “LOVINGTHISROBOT” and take 10% off your order!

It has taken me a few days, but I have finally chosen the winners for the Regal Clothing New Year’s Resolution Giveaway. Thank you to all the participants and those who shared the post for making this giveaway a success! I saw many great new year’s resolutions, and I hope that you’re all sticking to them because it has only been 12 days. Thirty-nine people entered, but unfortunately I could only pick three folks to receive a free random tee from Regal Clothing.

This time, I employed a random number generator after assigning everyone a number with a random sequence generator. There was no way that I could have compared your resolutions and not gone the random route! With that said, here are the winners:

  1. Bryce

  2. Campbell

  3. Ade

Congratulations, Bryce, Campbell, and Ade! I’ll be e-mailing you the details on how to claim your tees shortly. To those who did not win this time, please don’t give up hope! I will try my best to get another contest going in the next few months. For now, you can head on over to Regal Clothing to pick up a tee or two and take 20% off when you use the code “RCC2010” during checkout.

Thank you all again for participating, and I look forward to seeing your comments again soon! Please be sure to follow Loving This Tee on Twitter to stay updated with the latest t-shirt news, along with new posts and giveaways.

A few weeks ago, I received a sweet little package from Hypnic. Inside the envelope, I found a copy of “Winter” in navy, two stickers, and an awesome squirrel magnet that’s now hanging out on my fridge. The tee was neatly folded inside a sealed plastic bag, something that I definitely like because it keeps out bad odors. Most of the packages that I’ve gotten recently have all smelled strongly of cigarette smoke, so having extra-packaged tees helps to keep this out. It’s not like people do laundry every day!

“Winter” is one of my favorite designs available at Hypnic, and it is also available on a white t-shirt. I love the design because it shows a big piece of ice melting and forming an image of a tree. To the right, it also looks like a neighboring tree is frosting over as the ice melts. The tree pattern is quite detailed and the print came out beautifully. The brand name is not a huge focus point, and this really allows the design to speak for itself. Read the rest of this entry »

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This tee titled “Pop’s Adventure,”brought to you by Monster Pop Apparel, is quite fun to look at! What’s this portly monster doing in outer space? And why is Pop’s right hand gone? By the looks of it, he’s on one serious mission. Let’s just hope that the rocket contains enough fuel to get him wherever he needs to go! Otherwise, I’m not sure how swimming in space will work with one hand and no legs.

You can purchase “Pop’s Adventure” for $20 at Monster Pop. It’s also available in two other colorways (black and cranberry), but supplies are extra limited. If your size is still available, I suggest that you pick up your favorite now!

Crazy tiger? Check. Sweet asymmetrical sunglasses that I totally had as a kid? Check. Beverage holder hat with a drink on each side? Check, check, and check. What a party animal!

What can I say? I love this new “Tiger” tee from Party Smartie. Everything from the colors to the jumbo print makes me want to get up and dance. Now that’s saying something because I won’t wiggle my behind for any ordinary t-shirt! “Tiger” is definitely something that I would wear out, especially to a party. If you like tigers, especially those that know how to have a kickin’ good time, be sure to take a look at this design!

You can purchase “Tiger” at Party Smartie for €20.00.

No, this isn’t a post about The Beatles song. It’s about the newest tee offering from Fuzzy Ink! I never thought about it before, but walruses sure have extra-fuzzy mustaches. For everyone who thinks that walruses are ugly, lardy creatures, think again! “I am the Walrus” shows an exceptionally trendy walrus who’s wearing a stylish plaid shirt and a hip, green parka. I think that I need to start taking fashion tips from this guy!

You can pick up “I am the Walrus” from Fuzzy Ink for $20.95, and be sure to use the coupon “FuzzyLoving” to take 15% off your purchase!

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