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This Just In!: LadyUmbrella is Friends with David Attenborough

Posted on: January 19, 2010

LadyUmbrella is finally launching their store tomorrow! Are you pumped? I surely am!

A few weeks ago, I received an amazing package sent to me all the way from Ireland. It’s always wonderful to receive products from outside the U.S. because it’s the closest that I’ll get to experiencing these countries! Anyways, in this envelope were a neatly packaged shirt, stickers, buttons, and a note that I assume is placed into every order. The tee that I’ll be reviewing today is titled “LadyUmbrella is Friends with David Attenborough.” You can click most of the images in this post to enlarge them.

To start things off, I’d like to say that LadyUmbrella‘s shirt packaging definitely looks professional. The tee was neatly folded and placed into a clear plastic bag. The small goodies also made me even happier when I discovered them. Something about small pins and stickers does it for me!

So here is the shirt out of the package. LadyUmbrella has added a custom hangtag that loops through the tiny size tag, which I found to be a neat idea that’s aesthetically pleasing. On the front of the hangtag is a warning that says “Lady Umbrella may not keep you dry but…”

On the back of this tag, you will find the name of the shirt and a little story behind the design.  I love it when companies come up with blurbs for their designs because I love learning what the meaning is behind them. You will also find the shirt number on the card. I’m lucky number two for this design! The tag also features the artist’s signature (Elena), which I think is very cool!

As I mentioned earlier, the tee is titled “LadyUmbrella is Friends with David Attenborough.” I’ll admit that I didn’t know who David Attenborough was until I looked him up on Google. Now the design title makes more sense! For those of you who are in the same boat, David Attenborough is a famous television broadcaster in England who has voiced many different nature documentaries, including the British version of Planet Earth. It would be nice to have understood the title from the start, but I’m assuming that I would have made the connection almost instantaneously if I were a UK native.

When I unfolded the shirt, I was quite surprised to see such a beautifully cut product. Although I personally prefer unisex tees, I can definitely see this shirt being form-flattering for women who are into more feminine apparel.  The sleeves are cute and short, the neckline is much wider than your everyday AA collar, and the shirt clearly has some nice curves to compliment the female figure.

Since the t-shirts are all cut and sew pieces designed by and made only for LadyUmbrella, the label is also unique. The label is a nicely embroidered tag. There aren’t directions for how to wash the tee on this label, but that can be found on another label inside the shirt. The shirts are 100% combed cotton, and oh so soft. I did miss where the tag was when I did a quick run down of the shirt, so for those who don’t turn your shirts inside out before you wash them, check these directions so that your shirts continue to look great!

The shirt is very soft, and so is the ink. LadyUmbrella shirts are printed with soft discharge ink, and this makes for a lightweight design. Being as nitpicky as I am, I did notice some small alignment issues where the white ink extended further than it needed to. It’s not too major, though, and I only noticed this with the penguins’ feet and the back of the ice sheet after staring long and hard at the design.

All in all, I give LadyUmbrella two thumbs up for their first line! They have worked very hard to get everything ready for tomorrow, and I think that their efforts paid off. I’m loving this beautiful shirt! Make sure to check out LadyUmbrella first thing tomorrow. During the first week, you can pick up all shirts for 24.99 €. If you join the LadyUmbrella Facebook fanpage and let them know which tee is your favorite, you’ll get a discount that will make the shirts 22.50€! After the first week, all shirts will be 29.99 €. Shipping is free worldwide!

8 Responses to "This Just In!: LadyUmbrella is Friends with David Attenborough"

Hey Bo, wow, thanks for writing about us, really appreciate the honest and insightful review, hopefully it’ll be useful to some shoppers…We agree about the washing and we are going to amend the note we send out – the tees have a little washing instruction label inside the tee (or it should anyway hehe). Ye, Sir David Attenborough is a cool character, definitely recommend watching some of his documentaries…thanks again 🙂 only hours to go now to launch..ole..

That was a great review and from the pictures it looks like a great t-shirt!! Well done Bo and well done LadyUmbrella. Good luck with your launch tomorrow!!

Many thanks..ye, it was a really good review and so far so good with the launch 🙂 thanks..


You had to Google David Attenborough? The voice of animal documentaries such as Blue Planet, The Life of Mammals, and Planet Earth? Sheesh!

Rob and Elena, good luck with your launch and I wish you all the best!


Haha, I have not seen these documentaries except for Planet Earth…and the US version has Sigourney Weaver. Well, now I know!

Wonderful! Love all of the cool packaging stuff. Great review. Yay!

Thank you Kathryn..help us spread the word, ole 🙂

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