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Robot Royalty’s One Year Anniversary Edition Tee

Posted on: January 17, 2010

Beep Boop Beep Beep! Ah, it’s almost as if I were one with the robots. Now all that I have to do is to replace all my organs and muscles with metal and circuits. Hmm… Maybe it doesn’t sound like an ideal transformation, after all…

I’m really feeling this one year anniversary tee over at Robot Royalty! I usually think that gold foil on tees is super tacky, but I’m loving how this robot looks with just a golden outline. This little guy looks like he just needs some friends. Can anyone honestly say no after looking into those big robot eyes of his? I certainly cannot!

You can pick up the One Year Anniversary Edition shirt at Robot Royalty for $20. All larges are sold out, but other sizes are still in stock! Also, use the coupon code “LOVINGTHISROBOT” and take 10% off your order!


4 Responses to "Robot Royalty’s One Year Anniversary Edition Tee"

These shirts are BEAST

Thanks again for the awesome post!

I love Robot Royalty!

[…] from Loving This Tee did an awesome write-up about the One Year Anniversary Edition Tee in early January and this is the […]

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