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This Just In!: Winter by Hypnic

Posted on: January 11, 2010

A few weeks ago, I received a sweet little package from Hypnic. Inside the envelope, I found a copy of “Winter” in navy, two stickers, and an awesome squirrel magnet that’s now hanging out on my fridge. The tee was neatly folded inside a sealed plastic bag, something that I definitely like because it keeps out bad odors. Most of the packages that I’ve gotten recently have all smelled strongly of cigarette smoke, so having extra-packaged tees helps to keep this out. It’s not like people do laundry every day!

“Winter” is one of my favorite designs available at Hypnic, and it is also available on a white t-shirt. I love the design because it shows a big piece of ice melting and forming an image of a tree. To the right, it also looks like a neighboring tree is frosting over as the ice melts. The tree pattern is quite detailed and the print came out beautifully. The brand name is not a huge focus point, and this really allows the design to speak for itself.

The ink is lightweight and not rough. You can feel it if your rub your hand over the design, but it’s not chunky and coarse. The colors also came out very well, in my opinion. You can tell that it’s a block of ice and not just a random square.

Printed on an American Apparel t-shirt, “Winter” is a very soft tee. Hypnic has replaced the orginal AA tag with a custom woven tag. I’m always wary of custom tags because I can’t stand itchy tees, but this was not a problem at all. Everything feels great!

If you’re looking for a shirt that’s perfect for the season and is more conservative than loud and bold, then you should consider picking up this shirt! It’s not my usual style (I’m often seen wearing super bright, oversized prints), but I really love this new addition to my closet! You can buy “Winter” at Hypnic for $24.99. You can still take 40% off with the code “l8trxmas” if you pick it up before midnight!

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