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Death by Stealth

Posted on: January 5, 2010

Let’s face it, ninjas are awesome! It does kind of scare me that they’re super agile and silent, but that’s part of what being a ninja is all about. I mean, you can never be sure when they’re going to strike because they’re so stealth. That makes me wonder if there were ever any clumsy ninjas. You know, ones that just couldn’t get the whole scheming and attacking thing right. Or maybe ones that couldn’t climb very well, or those that would make the floorboards creak everywhere they went. Hmm… But enough of my rambling about ninjas…

Zerobriant’s “Death by Stealth” is today’s featured tee at Design By Humans, and it’s certainly incredible!  Ninjas are the best assassins, and this shirt definitely shows this masked killer in that light. I think that it’s great that this design is printed on a black shirt. It simply would not have worked as well on any other color, since they wouldn’t hide the ninja as well as the cloak of night.

You can purchase “Death by Stealth” by zerobriant at Design By Humans for $17. He also has a coupon for 10% off that will work until January 19, 2010, and the code is MCC8UA.

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