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40/60 Photography recently released a new batch of tees, two of which are reprints on different colorways. I loved the original ” Crossbones” tee to begin with, but “Water Crossbones” is a much more interesting piece with the extra splash of color! I love the watercolor effects. The red tones were a great choice! You can pre-order this shirt for $18 in the 40/60 shop (the estimated ship date is 12/10). You can also use the coupon code “AWESOMESAUCE” to take 15% off of your purchase until tomorrow.

Halloween has passed, but I’m loving this tee called “Father & Son” from I Came From Nothing. It shows Dr. Frankenstein and the birth of his monster… this time, in baby form. My, that’s one ugly baby! I dig how this design is illustrated like a nice family portrait of the two. I also love how there are many different tee color options to choose from: black, brown, gray, and purple. My favorites are the gray and purple colorways. I think it looks best on those two, but the black and brown tees also work!

You can pick up “Father & Son” from I Came From Nothing for £20.00. There’s free shipping for those in the UK, and you can use the coupon code “LOVING” to take 20% off your purchase!

As soon as I saw this new tee from Regal Clothing Co., I remembered how popular the “awkward turtle” gesture was during my freshman year of college. “The Awkward Turtle” is a tee-torial for using your hands to express the awkwardness of any given situation. If your situation is especially awkward, I would suggest doing an upside-down version with your palms facing up. This resembles an awkward turtle that’s stuck on its shell and can’t get up. I recall having seen many different variations, including a progression from to awkward turtles mating to awkward turtle babies, but that’s quite irrelevant to this post…

You can purchase “The Awkward Turtle” at Regal Clothing for £17.50. If you’re looking for a fun tee to wear into any social setting, then this is definitely a great one to pick up. There’s bound to be some awkwardness at one point or another!

I hate rain.  It’s true. So when I learned about LadyUmbrella, the best images didn’t exactly pop into my head. However, after seeing LadyUmbrella herself, I’m starting to think differently. How cool would it be to never have to actively carry an umbrella again? I guess it would only be beneficial if I were to live in a place where it constantly rains, but it’s still an interesting thought nonetheless! Plus, I’m not sure how having an umbrella head would factor into daily activities like showering and sleeping.

Enough of my deep analysis of LadyUmbrella’s weather-proof head… One of my favorite designs on the site is titled “Away with the Birds” and it shows LadyUmbrella walking past a bunch of funky-looking birds. There are also empty birdcages hanging from the clouds. Perhaps it’s a metaphor for setting your mind free while you take a walk. Whatever the reasoning behind it is, I am liking the composition and how it makes me feel!

LadyUmbrella plans to launch in early December, so check their site for the latest updates! I hear they’re taking pre-orders before the big launch, too!

Just last week, I got a package from Alex over at Dance Party Massacre. I didn’t know what tee I would be receiving, and I was extremely excited to open the mailer up as quickly as my little fingers could go. Inside this envelope were goodies and a tee that I had been eyeing on the DPM site for quite some time! “Fresh 2 Death” is one of my favorite tees from DPM’s second season, and I’m very excited to get the chance to review it!

As you can see, this design includes metallic ink. I’ve never had a tee with shimmery ink before, and I think that it was a perfect addition to this particular design. It would have been boring to see the coins and the “bling” be a plain bronze color without the glitter-effect. Instead, we get to see something that’s more true-to-life on this piece. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m loving the latest $500 winner at Tilteed this week! Designed by lunchboxbrain, “Song Bird” features an illustration that’s perfect for music lovers. Although I wish that the sheet music were more visible, it’s still a beautiful piece to look at. You can pre-order this tee for $12 until next Tuesday and get free shipping with the code “LovingThisTee“!

This new tee from Rise and Resist Apparel (randr) is so awesome! “Blob” is a tee with, you guessed it, a blob. This one’s full of eyeballs and has a pair of mouths. Created by Atomic Child, this piece is drawn in a style that doesn’t freak me out like a real-life blob of this type would. It looks like it could be a cartoon character seen on television, and I love that! This tee is up for sale at randr for $20, but you can take $5 off with the code RANDRJKT84 until next Tuesday (11/24)!

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