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Away with the Birds

Posted on: November 19, 2009

I hate rain.  It’s true. So when I learned about LadyUmbrella, the best images didn’t exactly pop into my head. However, after seeing LadyUmbrella herself, I’m starting to think differently. How cool would it be to never have to actively carry an umbrella again? I guess it would only be beneficial if I were to live in a place where it constantly rains, but it’s still an interesting thought nonetheless! Plus, I’m not sure how having an umbrella head would factor into daily activities like showering and sleeping.

Enough of my deep analysis of LadyUmbrella’s weather-proof head… One of my favorite designs on the site is titled “Away with the Birds” and it shows LadyUmbrella walking past a bunch of funky-looking birds. There are also empty birdcages hanging from the clouds. Perhaps it’s a metaphor for setting your mind free while you take a walk. Whatever the reasoning behind it is, I am liking the composition and how it makes me feel!

LadyUmbrella plans to launch in early December, so check their site for the latest updates! I hear they’re taking pre-orders before the big launch, too!

8 Responses to "Away with the Birds"

Hey, thanks so much for the blog mention, hehe – diggin’ your analysis alright, but she can shower and sleep, LadyUmbrella will reveal her skills in time – stay tuned..

And yes, you heard correctly..we’re giving discounts to all who join our facebook fanpage at http://www.facebook.com/ladyumbrella and just leave us a comment to let us know which tee they want..then we’ll reserve one for you and give you a 10% discount – simples..

Stay Happy, Rob

I would like to see these skills 😛

Hi, I’m Elena and design LadyUmbrella – just like to say really impressed with this blog and your thoughts about my design – you got the idea behind LadyUmbrella but there is more to come..it would be fair to say reading this blog made me happy..thank you..

I’m glad that this made you happy!

I’d just like to wish Rob an Elena the best of luck! I see a strong team – with Elena’s creative concept and Rob’s online brand awareness efforts (he is brilliant) – there’s longevity there!

Oh… and what happened to the November launch? Tentative plan that didn’t pan out?

Thanks Manz.. tentative plans weren’t tentative enough, hehe, was hoping that the optimistic launch date of November had been forgotten about.. – we shall get there though, all systems are (tentatively) go for a LadyUmbrella tee in your Christmas stocking hehe..watch this space…

It happens!
I’ve got my eye on the lady Umbrella and the Wise Owl 🙂

Hehe…excellent, keep your eyes on the prize…hoot hoot…

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