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This Just In!: Fresh 2 Death by Dance Party Massacre

Posted on: November 18, 2009

Just last week, I got a package from Alex over at Dance Party Massacre. I didn’t know what tee I would be receiving, and I was extremely excited to open the mailer up as quickly as my little fingers could go. Inside this envelope were goodies and a tee that I had been eyeing on the DPM site for quite some time! “Fresh 2 Death” is one of my favorite tees from DPM’s second season, and I’m very excited to get the chance to review it!

As you can see, this design includes metallic ink. I’ve never had a tee with shimmery ink before, and I think that it was a perfect addition to this particular design. It would have been boring to see the coins and the “bling” be a plain bronze color without the glitter-effect. Instead, we get to see something that’s more true-to-life on this piece.

This tee came with a custom hangtag. I love it when companies take the extra step to do this because it makes their products look even more professional. This hangtag is nice and simple, which is a good thing because it’s not tacky!

“Fresh 2 Death” also features a custom tag on the left sleeve, as well as a custom printed tag on the inside of the shirt. Again, these are excellent additions to show just how professional this company is.

In terms of print quality, this tee looks beautiful before and after wash. The only difference is that some of the glitter specks in the bronze ink have migrated to other areas of the print after washing, giving them some sparkle. It’s not too big of a deal and you won’t even really notice unless you’re staring at the print (something that I do just for reviewing purposes!).

The details on this print are spectacular and are well-defined on the tee. The print job is terrific, and you can see all of the little details clearly. The artist made sure to illustrate this piece without having the lines be too thin to show up in the print. All in all, I give this design an A+ for translating well from computer image to t-shirt print! I love everything that goes into this composition, and I think that the tee itself is fresh!

Another thing that I love about this design is that it wraps around the torso a little bit. In my opinion, the placement is very unique. While it could have just been smacked right in the center of the tee, making sure that the print ended along the two edges of the shirt, DPM went with a more original route.

I give this t-shirt from Dance Party Massacre two thumbs up for everything–from presentation to print quality. Although I think that $27.95 is quite steep for t-shirts in general, you can be sure that you’ll get a high-quality shirt in return when you order “Fresh 2 Death.” For those living in the U.S., you’ll also be happy to know that shipping is free!

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