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Would You Want to be 1of7?

Posted on: November 10, 2009

I like wearing things that no one else has, and I am guessing that a lot of you feel the same way. Because of this, I’m particularly drawn to 1of7‘s business model for printing only seven copies of each design.  Having started in November of 2008, 1of7 brings highly limited tees to its consumers. One copy goes to the artist, one is kept by 1of7, and five pieces are put up for sale to the public. This is a very cool idea, in my opinion, and I would love to own a hyper-exclusive tee. Here’s my favorite tee out of their current offerings, called “Why?

Unfortunately, these tees will run you $150 (excluding shipping). I don’t know if I would ever spend $150 on one tee. My entire daily outfits usually cost less than half of that price, so if I were to ever purchase a $150 tee, it would have to have magical powers or something of that nature. I would like to see a company implement an idea like this but have the tees be a lot more affordable. This high price point just doesn’t work for college students like me!

If you are interested in learning more about 1of7, be sure to check out their website. There are still some items on sale from Season 1, and they are now working on the Season 2 releases. Unlike me, you may be down for purchasing $150 tees! It’s also nice to know that only six other copies are out there and that the chances of you bumping into someone else with the same shirt are very slim.


2 Responses to "Would You Want to be 1of7?"

I consider myself in the 1of7 club, not because I own a $150 t-shirt, but because the company’s M.O. resonates with me. Just as 1of7 differentiates itself for branding purposes, I too prefer to reinforce my personal brand by differentiating myself. It may be awhile before I buy a $150 tee, but that hasn’t stopped me from being a 1of7 follower. You don’t have to buy a shirt to buy-in.

Like I said, I dig how they’re operating. I, too, like to differentiate myself, and I’m also following them to see what’s next. I doubt that I’ll be one of seven to have an actual product, though.

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