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A few weeks ago, I discovered Hipstery, a European company that sells mystery tees. Companies such as Teefury, Shirt.Woot, and Uneetee offer mystery tees from time to time, but no other company that I know of only sells mystery tees from a variety of sources. I had the pleasure of speaking to Budge Becher of Hipstery, and here is the interview to help you get to know Hipstery better!

1. When did your special team give birth to Hipstery and where did the name come from?

It was a long summer. The year was 1959. A golden age of innocence. The Hipstery team was young and impressionable. All that changed when a neighbour, Old Swampy, informed us in his backgarden was a buried Pirates treasure chest. We dug, and we dug until our fingers bled, it was the summer of ’59. What did we find? I’ll tell you what we found, oh I’ll tell you. But are you ready for the answer? Hum, are you? That’s the question, oh no wait, the question is “what did we find?”


Nothing but a few old pipes, broken porcelain, some human remains. That’s it. While we’re not the quickest to spot tomfoolery, it became clear to us that our gullibility was being used to get free garden labour for Old Swampy. What followed was a regrettable incident involving Old Swampy’s house burning down and us hastily enrolling in the French foreign legion. The rest is history, err I mean hipstery.

2. Where do you get the shirts for Hipstery?

Oh, from everywhere, we must have trillions of them (laughs). We’ve been in the t-shirt business a long time (over 10 years combined) so we can pick them up and negotiate with the most awesomest shirt shops in the internets and we’re happy to add more. So if you own a T-Shirt label, just let us know. Since our platform is all about serendipity, we are not competition, but an additional promotional opportunity for your artistic genius.

3. Since the shirts in the Hipstery vault are no longer sold by their original vendors, how do you know what tees to invest in for future sales?

Well again, there are our years of experience. Also, more and more stores use limited quantities as an activation tool for customers. Look at the trend for one shirt one day (Teefury, RIPT, etc) or no/rare reprint limited editions (laFraise and many smaller sites — just take a browse around the different Big Cartel stores). And we have the guts to buy some really strange shirts and keep them hidden until the T-Shirt community recognizes their ingenuity.

4. There are currently six questions in your t-shirt selection survey. Do you plan on coming up with more questions to gauge more specific personal preferences? For example, what if many customers have a strong hatred of skull tees?

Actually we don’t have any skull tees. Our service is well, bored of skulls and stars and hearts on T-Shirts. But besides that: Yes, we have a never-ending refinement of our survey in the upcoming weeks and a lot more of questions. While we believe in our system, we learned a lot in the last week and try to balance guiding us and entertaining our patrons.

5. Stores such as Threadless and Design By Humans have had sales in the past where tees were as low as $5. What do you have to say in response to customers who are wary of paying €16 for a mystery tee that they could have purchased for much less at the original store?

This is an important question, so if you don’t mind I’d like to bore you to tears with an answer that justifies the question.

We’re not aiming to buy only shirts on sale, but the best shirts at the best time. So it’s all in the mix. Every shirt in our assortment is hand selected and loved and appreciated by us, we don’t think in terms of this shirt is worth $5, this one $15, this one $50. We think “does this shirt make us want to rip our eyes out in disgust because it’s so impressive that everything we see after it bores us to tears?”

You are right – people who are absolutely into T-Shirt Design will probably find great deals and cheaper occasions to go t-shirt shopping now and then. That’s fine – we are about more than that. As a unique service our goal is to give our customers an added service: less hassle with hunting for the right store, prints and colors, no more “too many options” and digging for the right shirt, just to figure out it’s sold out when you are about to order, less pressure when the next sale is up, no customs fees, no paying more for shipping and for the item, no 3 week delivery times (you won’t know some of these problems as you not experienced the frustration of shipping from the US to Europe where we are based).

At the Hipstery every shirt is always 16 EUR, and all you need to know about the person you order is the size and a little about the taste. We are about much more than the shirt, which our customers will know because they’ve seen the full experience. Ordering is just a small part of the adventure.

6. What are five words that best describe Hipstery?

Suspense, Apprehense, Tense, Dense, Cauliflower.

7. If you would like to include anything else, please feel free to do so!

Thanks very much for taking an interest in our fashion experience. The Hipstery salutes you.

Now that you’re more familiar with Hipstery, head on over to the store to see what it’s all about. You can never be sure what tee(s) you’ll receive, so take a chance and have some fun! Oh, and keep an eye out for a hot new contest sponsored by Hipstery next week!


After a complete site renovation, Thriving Ink is not only easier to navigate, but the tee designs are getting even better! Shortly after the redesign, Thriving Ink released a sweet t-shirt featuring a design by Pale Horse, titled “Dead Geisha.” They even printed this design on hoodies, which was a first for Thriving Ink. Thriving ink plans to release 30+ more new tees, and I am quite excited!

Yesterday, two designs by Cory Bardwell were released. One of these designs is titled “Save Africa” and it gives us one great reason to do as the title says. Bardwell simply states, “Save Africa because giraffes are sweet.” That’s convincing enough for me. Who doesn’t love giraffes?

Check out the new Thriving Ink storefront and pick up some amazing new products! Be sure to keep checking back at the site as Thriving Ink continues to add new inventory (remember that there are 30+  items to come!).

All tees at Threadless are on sale for $9 today only (9/9/09). Every single tee! Now is your chance to snatch new tees and selects for a deeply discounted price of $9! Go get em!!

I usually try to stay away from skull t-shirts as a general rule, but this skull tee from recently launched Rapscallion looks fresh and stylish. “Skullduggery” features a giant skull wearing an even larger top hat. Something about these odd proportions has caught my visual system’s attention, and I love what I’m seeing. This skull also features a nice gold tooth detail that gives the design a little extra character. The cards found in the skull’s hat feature clubs, the suit that the company has chosen to incorporate in all of their designs. “Skullduggery” and the other two tees at Rapscallion are currently offered on a limited run, so you will find a special first edition print in the back of the shirt. Pick up a Rapscallion shirt today for £20!

I Came From Nothing has just released a new tee just in time for Halloween 2009! Designed by Matthew Skiff, “Headless” features the Headless Horseman from Washington Irving’s short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” There are two different versions of this design: one version features a smaller, more subtle logo, and the other contains a much more visible brand name. The large logo tees are extra limited, so make sure to pick one up right away if you prefer them over the small logo tees! You can purchase “Headless” for £20 at I Came From Nothing, and UK residents will also get free shipping. Check out the other sweet designs while you’re browsing the shop, too!

Regular Version

Limited Edition Large Logo Version

Limited Edition Version

Growing up in Thailand, I watched a vast array of dubbed Japanese cartoons and TV shows every Sunday morning. Ultraman was one of the first heroes that I learned about and saw in the small screen, and I enjoyed watching this live-action show every week. He faced various enemies, most of whom were large creatures like Godzilla. Made With Awesome has taken inspiration from this exciting show to create a design that reveals what goes on behind the scenes. After fighting all morning and destroying tons of buildings and vehicles, it only makes sense that Ultraman and this kaiju would need a breather to refuel with some delicious lunch. They don’t have much time for food, as the destruction must continue, so ramen is the afternoon default. Don’t underestimate this simple lunch, though, because a cup of these noodles is bigger than any human. Pick up “Lunch Break” at Made With Awesome today for a discounted price, and take an additional $2 off with the code IAMAWESOME.

If you’ve been around t-shirt competition sites or have been surfing on Emptees, then you most likely have heard of t-shirt designer Tom Neal. Last night was a big night for Tom, as he launched Ctrl Alt Defeat, a company that sells one limited t-shirt at a time. To kick things off, Ctrl Alt Defeat is offering “Remote” by artist Greg Abbott who is known for his whimsical characters and fun color choices. I dig the artwork, although I am curious as to why this little piece of technology looks so distraught. I hope that nothing’s burning down!

At Ctrl Alt Defeat, when one tee sells out, another is put up for sale. This results in a variable schedule for new shirts, so we’ll never know exactly when a new design will go on the site. I suppose that this keeps the excitement alive, but I hope that each shirt doesn’t take too long to sell out so that I can keep coming back for more. I hope to see more wonderful designs in the future. Pick up “Remote” at Ctrl Alt Defeat for £14.99 and keep your eyes peeled for the next tee!

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