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Hipstery Contest!!

Posted on: September 16, 2009

There’s a new contest at Loving This Tee! This time, the folks at Hipstery were kind enough to offer two free tees to the readers of this blog. That means that two of you will walk away with a cool hand-picked mystery tee of your own! All you need to do answer the following question in the comments:

What was the greatest surprise gift you’ve ever received, or what was the best surprise gift you’ve given (based on the recipient’s reaction, of course)?

You can go back as far as you can remember, so any surprise present at any age works! This contest will end on Sunday, September 20, at 11:59pm Eastern Time, so make sure to get your comments in before then. Please also check that you’ve entered your email when you’re commenting so that I can contact you if you win. Good luck!

Also, if you haven’t seen what Hipstery is all about, make sure you check out their website! You can also find the interview that I did with Budge here.

24 Responses to "Hipstery Contest!!"

My PlayStation 2 when I was 8, I think xS

I didn’t get a PS2 until last year…when I was 21 😛


[…] Hipstery Contest!! « Loving This Tee lovingthistee.wordpress.com/2009/09/16/hipstery-contest – view page – cached There’s a new contest at Loving This Tee! This time, the folks at Hipstery were kind enough to offer two free tees to the readers of this blog. That means that two of you will walk away with a cool hand-picked mystery tee of your own! All you need to do answer the following question in the comments: — From the page […]

I live in CA, but am originally from Maine. I had been missing all of the glorious maple products I used to enjoy on a regular basis (maple sugar, maple candy, etc). One day, I updated my Facebook status (I know, I know) saying how I wished someone from Maine would mail me some maple sugar candy. A week later a box arrived at my apartment full of maple products. It was awesome!

I guess it pays to update your Facebook status 😉 The only maple product I’ve tasted is maple syrup. I need to try all these that you’ve mentioned!

Gave my sister and her husband a gift basket for their anniversary – it included accomadation at a resort where they were married.

That’s very thoughtful of you. I’m sure it elicited great memories to go back to where they got married 🙂

when I was in college, we used to have little used vendors in the student union. Used CDs, used videogames, used whatever… sometimes guys would come with concert CDs and DVDs, sometimes there’d be jewelry… ok, so I didn’t really care about that, but you get the drift.

Anyway, I’m browsing through for old 8bit NES games, like you do when you have a working 8bit NES, and I find “Fisher Price Perfect Fit.” Now, this is a game where you match shapes to holes, basically. It’s easy as hell, and you cannot lose. It’s made for itty bitty babies and stuff. But when we first got our system, my sister was unable to figure out the more complex games, so we’d rent her that, while I’d rent any number of obscure and often bad games.

Needless to say, this game had become a joke-legend between the two of us as we got older. So without fail, she burst out in maniacal laughter when she opened her very own copy, over a decade later. We’ve played it since. It is mind-numbingly dumb. Yet consequently always hilarious.

To be fair, she’s no slouch when it comes to ridiculous gifts, either. I believe that was the same year she gave me a talking Larry the Cucumber (of VeggieTales fame). I’m not sure what possessed her to do so, but it was awesomely bad.

I’m surprised you found that game 10+ years later! I can only imagine how awesome it would be to give/receive something like that if I had that kind of connection with it

A Guitar that my Mom gave me on my 14th birthday!!

And Today is my Mom’s Birthday!!Everyone say please Happy Birthda for my Mom 🙂

Neat! What kind of guitar was it?

Epiphone Standard!
This is a pic of me with the guitar 🙂

I mean please say…. 🙂

I’d once mentioned that I thought it would be cool to have a stoplight for decoration. I went to my boyfriend’s one day and there was a HUGE box sitting there. He bought me a real used stoplight, and rewired it and everything so that all lights come on at once and now there it sits in the corner of my room!

That sounds like an awesome accessory for your room. I’ve seen fake stop lights for room decor, but a real one must be really sweet!

I used to work at Disneyworld when I was in high school. I worked at what is now Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster gift shops. During my first week of work there, I received an assignment called a magical moment.

Magical moments are things that cast members do for their guests that are supposed to make their trip memorable and unique to them. Well, the assignment was to pick a family and treat them like rock stars. Their were no real guidelines except that. Well, I decided to go to the Rock ‘N’ Rollercoaster courtyard and found a family who looked like they were having an aweful time. They were a nice family from Kansas. To make things exciting, I told them that they were our rockstar family of the day and that they needed to get to their hotel. So we proceeded to the front of the ride at the Rock ‘N’ Rollercoaster where they hopped into their limo. I met them at the otherside, where I gave them a complimentary photo. Then we headed over to Tower of Terror. Here, we brought them to their “hotel room” on the thirteenth floor. They got to ride the ride with no wait and again received another photo.

Well all I can say is that they were the happiest family ever that day. I can say that was my favorite experience at disney as a cast member!

That sounds like an amazing first assignment. You definitely made their Disney World experience a memorable one!

One time for Christmas, my mom gave me a box with “PS2” written on it.

Inside was a phone book and a card saying “better luck next year.”


Oh wow. That’s not very nice!

As cocky as this may sound, the best surprise gift I’ve probably ever given was driving over some 160+ miles to surprise my “significant other”. They were rendered speechless! Plus, I thought it was funny because they had no idea I was coming. The best surprise gift I’ve ever received was a homemade card (poster-sized large) that was orange with all these glued on little things. OH ALSO – a photo album of pictures. But finally, the greatest surprise gift I’ve ever received was from the $1 section at Target…. this purple squishy monster toy.

Those sound like some sweet gifts. Driving that far to see someone without them expecting it is awesome! And I guess $1 things can actually mean a lot, huh?

Freedom to choose is the greatest gift of all

The people are happy, they are the fat of the land

In a proud country where chips are legal but guns are banned

Isn’t it paradise when you have the freedom choose

between the luxury goods, drugs, chips or booze

Best surprise gift ever recieved: my aunt and Uncle got me the He-Man Snake Mountain playset that I had to (had to) have for Christmas. THere was a powered microphone that drove my parents insane and started a “who can give the most annoying gift to your nephews/nieces” war between my parents and my aunt and uncle that lasted the next 17 years.

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