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We’ve done it, folks! If you saw and voted for this t-shirt within the past four days, you’ll be happy to hear that “Three Keyboard Cat Moon” has received the highest score with the greatest amount of votes and comments ever on Threadless, with 3,791 people giving it an average of 4.48 out of 5. And all of this only took a few days. That is insane! Although I wish the price tag were much lower, I might just bite the bullet and pick one up. I can’t get enough of Keyboard Cat, so I think it’s fitting if I rock three of them on one shirt! These tees are all on special order, so there is no way to tell how long you could procrastinate on buying this shirt.

Here is the Keyboard Cat video if you have yet to see it:

And here is the Three Wolf Moon shirt that spread like wildfire over the internet a few months ago:

Go get yours today before the chance disappears!!

$20 at Threadless, available in Guys S-3XL and Girly S-2XL


Diktat6 (Myspace link) is a relatively new shirt company run by Andrew Lawandus that currently operates through Big Cartel. Andrew was kind enough to send me one of the designs in the store called “City of Flames,” which caught my eye right away. I instantly fell in love with the use of purple flames instead of other ordinary colors such as red or light blue. Using the resultant color of the combination of red and blue  achieves a much more stylish fire than what is typically seen. Since purple is a popular color in the clothing industry right now, it’s nice to see a great design putting the color to good use.

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What do I love more than well-designed shirts? Well-designed shirts for a cause! Make Beats Not Beat Downs has partnered up with Wotto for its two latest tees. MBNBD is a non-profit movement that exists to raise awareness about bullying and help to put an end to it. MBNBD donates 25% of its proceeds to established organizations whose goals are to prevent bullying. By partnering up with musicians, MBNBD gives a voice to the bullied.

Printed on both navy and black AA 50/50 tees, this Wotto creation is a great addition to MBNBD’s store. Featuring characters playing instruments, this design is one that people of all ages can wear. The MBNBD logo is printed on the bottom right hand corner on the back of the shirt. So if you’re looking for a tee that supports a cause that is composed of art on the front and a subtle logo on the back, then this is it. As a bonus, every order comes with stickers and buttons. There’s no better way to shop for tees than to know that you’re also helping do good in the world!

Navy blue version

Black version

$18 at Make Beats Not Beat Downs, available in unisex XS-XXL

I have always loved following t-shirt competition sites, and now there is a new one that has just launched. Tilteed is a site that offers $500 per winning design, along with $1 per each shirt sold. For the launch, they are doing something special by awarding $5000 total for two winning designs ($3500 for first place and $1500 for the runner up). The submissions are voted on by fans and are selected for printing based on votes, comments, and staff input. Winners will be chosen every 72 hours. The pre-launch tee looks great, and I can see a lot of promise in this site!

Bombs Away!” by Dale Edwin Murray is a great selection for the site’s launch because it shows that Tilteed is coming to the t-shirt world in full force. The illustration itself is fun and I’ve always admired Dale’s works on various t-shirt sites. I do not know why the pilot has a bone in his hand, but I figured that he is just trying to show that he’s ready to bring on the pain. The design puts halftones to a good use and the color combination is one that many people can wear. Slate American Apparel tees look great on everyone! “Bombs Away!” will be around for pre-order until July 29, when the site truly launches. Pick yours up today and be a part of a new t-shirt community!

$12 (until launch) at Tilteed, available in Mens S-2XL and Womens S-XL
You can also get free shipping using the coupon code “LovingThisTee“! Happy shopping 🙂

Ever since it went up for voting, I have been waiting to see “Battle of Hiroshima!” by Fallen sold on Teextile. I haven’t seen colors like this before on a tee from this site, so it’s great to finally see a fun-colored tees being printed. The design shows an epic battle that is about to take place. Who will be the crowning victor, the fully automated super machine or the fire-breathing dinosaur?  Place your bets now and watch the fight unfold. You might just get to see the robot powerslam his enemy in this city rink!

You can get this tee for $15 all this week and on Wednesday for a reduced price of $12. If you voted for this design, you will get free shipping too!

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Do you recall the days when hearing the sounds of an ice cream truck rolling into your neighborhood elicited a reflex to bolt outside with a smile plastered on your face? It’s summer and there’s nothing better than a tee that brings back those good memories. This week’s new tee lineup at Threadless includes a great summer tee that I will definitely be purchasing. “Super Mega Fun” by J3Concepts is a lovely design full of happiness and smiling faces. There are many little characters on this tee, and one of my favorites is the apple = sad face found by the front tire. The tee color choice is also perfect, and mint is a color that I do not have in my closet (how I let this happen I’ll never know). Get yours today and enjoy the summer in style!

$18 at Threadless
Available in Guys S-3XL, Girly S-2XL, and Kids (baby blue AA tee) sizes 2-8

If you’re a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, then the new Electric Zombie line is sure to please you! One of my favorites from this line is “Shred Head,” which features Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on a skateboard. The shirt also has a back print that says “Born to Shred.” It’s a great pun on his name and I love the execution. The print is huge and the white tee was a great color choice for this shirt. Bring back the good old days of Saturday morning cartoons with this brilliant EZ t-shirt!

This tee, along with all of the other tees in the TMNT line, is limited to 100 pieces. The first 250 orders will be packaged in a custom pizza box that contains extra goodies. You can’t get more TMNT than that!

$20 at Electric Zombie, available in unisex XS-XL

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