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Diktat6 “City of Flames” Review

Posted on: July 19, 2009

Diktat6 (Myspace link) is a relatively new shirt company run by Andrew Lawandus that currently operates through Big Cartel. Andrew was kind enough to send me one of the designs in the store called “City of Flames,” which caught my eye right away. I instantly fell in love with the use of purple flames instead of other ordinary colors such as red or light blue. Using the resultant color of the combination of red and blue  achieves a much more stylish fire than what is typically seen. Since purple is a popular color in the clothing industry right now, it’s nice to see a great design putting the color to good use.

The design is quite detailed and the purple flames are not completely opaque over the building, giving it a nice effect. I love the burn effects around the building because they make it appear as though the sky is burning as well. Although large, the print is extremely soft. The ink is neither heavy nor thick, and it sits well on the shirt, curving along with bodily movements. The colors are still vivid after multiple washes and there is no sign of ink cracking.

The original t-shirt tag has been taken out and replaced by a screen printed tag. These shirts are extremely limited, as only 25 copies of this design are printed. Each shirt is numbered individually, although only by a sticker that will inevitably come off in the wash. I would have liked to see each shirt get its own printed number, but I understand how getting separate screens for each shirt could be quite costly and inefficient, especially since the print area is so small.

“City of Flames” is printed on a natural American Apparel tee but not on the commonly used 2001 style. Once washed and dried, the tee is much smaller than a 2001 tee and fits almost like a size small Threadless shirt. You can check out my review of The Tree or Cerberus to see the difference in fit. If you’re looking for a loose fit, I’d suggest going one or two sizes up. Other than sizing issues, I’d recommend picking one of these tees up. They’re comfortable and look great!

$20 at Diktat6, available in unisex S-XL

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