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The Tree Review

Posted on: June 21, 2009

A few weeks ago, Nick from Vector Spectre was kind enough to send me one of the shirts sold in his online shop. If you aren’t familiar with this store, Vector Spectre sells tees, prints, and original artwork. Although I am a huge fan of bold, colorful shirts, “The Tree” definitely does not disappoint. Because of its simplicity, “The Tree” is the kind of t-shirt that you can wear during any occasion (as long as t-shirts are appropriate, of course)!

The composition of “The Tree” is wonderful. I love how the tree is just an outline and not fully colored in. However, the text in the background is illegible and I am curious to know if it says anything significant. Perhaps they would give this tree some meaning. Then again, just having this text in the background itself makes for a nice composition. The letters appear to be a design element on this tee, and I am going to go ahead and say that I prefer not knowing what it all says. “The Tree” is a definitely a beautiful tee to look at.

“The Tree” is printed on a basic brown American Apparel shirt with ink containing soft-touch additives. With the shirt in hand, I can attest to the softness of the ink. The ink is thick enough so that it stays vivid even after wash. Blue on brown has always been one of my favorite color pairings, and this tee further supports my long-standing love. The black ink used for the text and other elements is subtle on the brown background that it rests on, but it still remains visible from a distance. Overall, the print quality is great and there is no cracking of any sort with the ink.

Unlike their other tees, you can pick up “The Tree” in both men’s and women’s sizes. Vector Spectre offers free shipping on all apparel and print orders, which is wonderful if you’re on a budget. There are also sales from time to time, so be sure to follow @vectorspectre on twitter to stay updated!

$17 at Vector Spectre, available in men’s S-XXL and women’s S-L

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