Loving This Tee

Dinosaur Shirt

Posted on: June 12, 2009

T-shirts with dinosaurs are always good at catching people’s attention, but have you ever noticed how most dino tees only have dinosaurs in the design? Shred Clothing has brought a new touch to the conventional dinosaur shirt with the introduction of some humans in “Dinosaur Shirt” …even if they aren’t fully intact. There are a ton of “Dinosaurs are Cool” shirts and those that are similar, not to say that I do not like these, but it’s great to see a design where dinosaurs are shown as dangerous carnivores.

The composition is wonderful, as it leads the eye all the way around the illustration no matter where you start looking. The illustration flows in a way that makes my eyes look at each of the components of the image in a clockwise fashion. Try looking at the image by yourself and see if this happens for you, too. I don’t think that it was planned, but it works perfectly. It’s good to have a design flow in a way that doesn’t abruptly stop. I love the colors that the artist chose for this piece, as they get the audience to mainly focus on the dinosaurs and the oozing lake of blood. The people can try to run as quickly as they want, but it’s clear that there’s no getting away from these hungry creatures!

“Dinosaur Shirt” is just one of the four wonderful tees that Shred Clothing has released for its recent store launch. Be sure to check them out at www.shredclothing.com! If you sign up for their mailing list, you can also get a coupon for 25% off.

$25 at Shred Clothing, available in Men’s Small to Extra Large

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