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Sandwich Dinosaur + SALE!!

Posted on: May 19, 2009

Since SEIBEI kicked off their 25% sale today, I have decided to write about this classic tee called “Sandwich Dinosaur.” I know that many of you may already be familiar with this bossy dino telling you to make him a sandwich, but months and months after seeing the design, I am still in love with it. The fuchsia/green combination continues to be my favorite out of what David Murray offers in his store, but there are plenty of other color schemes to choose from! This simple design is just perfect. It is to the point, and the dinosaur has a ton of attitude. By wearing this, it is as if you are telling others to make you sandwiches–a message that I definitely approve of!

I am sure that SEIBEI will offer even more color schemes for the hungry little dinosaur once the new merchandise goes up later in June. Be sure to pick up a Sandwich Dinosaur and check out other available tees while they’re on sale! You don’t want to miss this one, especially since this is your last chance to get all of the items that are currently available! Just be sure to enter coupon code “GOODBYE” to get 25% off at checkout. This sale will last all week!

$21 at SEIBEI (without “GOODBYE” coupon), available in both men’s and women’s sizes

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